• antigrav

    Elastic antirust coat based on high polymer silicone and synthetic resins. Reliable protection from pebbles, abrasive impact of mud, sand, petrol, oils, water and salts. Temperature changes resistant. Reduces noise in a car interior. Highly adhesive. High spreading capacity. Compatible with any coating materials.  

    Designed for car body parts: thresholds, spoilers, wheel arches, front and back car aprons, lower parts of doors and other parts. Makes car bodies more durable.


    • Prepare the surface: remove dirt and rust, polish with a scotch-bright, degrease. Use primer if necessary.
    • ƒAttention! Shake the can for 1-2 min. Car body care product “Anti gravel” is ready for using. Do NOT use thinner.
    • ƒFor thick masses a pistol is recommended. Working pressure is 4-6 bars.
    • Spray a thin layer of “Anti gravel”. Use the way “wet on wet”.
    • Volume 1000ml.


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