• NewTon_Avto_enamel_acryl_9005_glyanc

    Strong fast drying acrylic enamel. Makes a long-lasting gloss coat resistant to mechanical and weather exposure. Guarantees color consistency, does not fade out in the sunlight, keeps gloss.

    Developed for minor repairment, painting, restoration of a paint coat of cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles, agricultural machinery, minor boats (above the waterline) including scooters, speedboats etc. Used for painting metal, glass, concrete surfaces. Makes a high quality coat. For exterior and interior use.

    • ƒSpreading capacity (depending on a color and a coat thickness) is 2,3–3,0 м2.
    • ƒDrying time is 7-10min at temperature +25ºС
    • ƒVolume 500 ml.


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Range of colors