• avtoemal

    High strength alkyd enamel strengthened with acrylates. Creates long-lasting gloss coat resistant to mechanic and weather exposure. Does not fade out in the sunlight and remains gloss.

    Developed for minor repairment, painting, and restoration of paint coatings of automobiles, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles, agricultural machinery, minor boats (above waterline) including water scooters, speedboats, etc. Used for painting metal, glass, timber, concrete, plastic surfaces. For exterior and interior use.

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness and  colour) is 0,8–1,0 м2 — 150 ml, 1,5-2,0 м2 — 400 ml.
    • Drying time 20-25 min at +25ºС.
    • Genuine sample of enamel color is on can cap.
    • Volume 150, 400 ml.


    Touch-up Pencil

    Automotive paint in aluminium tube with pin-point brush. Genuine sample of enamel color is on cap.

    Unique restoration substance for filling in surfaces and dents on painted surfaces for automobiles.

    • Drying time 20-25 min at+25ºС.
    • Volume 12ml.
    • Attention! Enamel with «metallic» effect should be covered with lacquer NEW TON.
      Polish after 5-7 days.
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