• NewTon_fluor_0096

    Quick-drying acrylic enamel rich in fluorescent pigment. Really bright colors. Resistant to mechanic and weather exposure. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Used for advert signs, street signs, different kinds of marking. Can also be used for bright household, club, bar, discotheque design. Applied on metal, concrete, plasterboard, timber, glass, paper and other surfaces covered with white primer.

    • Final lacquer coat keeps fluorescent paints bright and prevents fading out of neon effect.
    • For protection from fading out and for getting perfect gloss 30 minutes after applying a final enamel coat use colorless Lacquer universal NEW TON. For protection and matt effect use Lacquer universal matt NEW TON.
    • ƒAttention! The surface needs to be covered with primer coat. Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness and color) is 0,8 – 1,2 m2. Drying time – 7-10 minutes at t+250C.
    • ƒVolume 400 ml.
    • Caution! Do not use for painting surfaces exposed to permanent direct sunlight.


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