• NewTon_superhcrome_Zolotaya

    Fast-drying synthetic acrylic resin based enamel. Makes a decorative coat with metal gloss. Has a great reflective property due to a “mirror” chrome effect. For interior use. 

    Used for restoration and decorative painting of smooth surfaces of products made from metal, timber, glass, ceramics, some kinds of plastic. Widely used for painting pieces of art and furnishings: picture frames, emblems, cups, parts of light units, statues, candle sticks, icons.

    Attention! Stick to temperature regulations: temperature of the can, the environment, and the surface must be +20-25 ºС. For keeping “mirror” effect the painted surface must not be covered with lacquer.

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness and color) is  2,0-2,5 м2.
    • Drying time 7-10 min at temperature +25ºС.
    • ƒVolume 400 ml.


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