• gruntavto500

    Reliable corrosion protection, perfect primer for auto paint coat. Makes a strong fast-drying protective layer ready for polishing 30 min after applying. Perfect anti-rust protection. Has a high filling capacity: fills in scratches and dents caused by conditioning of the lower levels. High percentage of dry residue allows to decrease enamel consumption. Primer NEW TON acrylic comes in 3 major colors which allows to match it with the color of enamel. The surface covered with the primer is resistant to mechanic and weather exposure.

    Used before painting or restoration of paint surfaces of cars, motorbikes, scooters, snowmobiles, agricultural machinery, minor boats (above the waterline) including scooters and speedboats. For interior and exterior design.

    • ƒSpreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) is 2,5-3,0 м2.
    • ƒDrying time 10-15 min at temperature +25 ºС2
    • ƒVolume 500 ml.2


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Range of colors