Contract manufacture

Since 2012 we have been producing paints for our customers under their trademarks. These paints are available in such supermarket chains as Epicentre, Ashan, New Line, Karavan.

The minimum batch is 500 units of the same kind. 
The content and volume of products are negotiable – we are the only company which offers customers to change the content and the volume of a can. This way you can control the product price and choose the best combination to increase sales volume.
Product warranty – we are responsible for all manufactured products to put your mind at rest.
We design and make labels — our customers don’t have to be specialists in design. We are in charge of this task.

We produce cans from 150ml to 750 ml.

We have a laboratory for development and quality control of aerosol paints. We can use our customers’ raw materials upon request. 
Auto chemicals and cosmetics: 
   - silicon lubricants;
   - universal lubricants (annaloque WD 40)
   - torpedo polish 
   - antibitumen
   - liquid wrench
   - movil
   - antigravel.
Cosmetics for leather:
   - paint for leather;
   - paint for suede;
   - water impregnation.
Decorative and New Year products:
  - snow in aerosol cans;
  - a wide color range of decorative paints.
The product range is constantly being widened. We are ready for cooperation and satisfying all our customers’ needs. If you have any questions, feel free to call us: 067 571 82 25.

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