• NewTon_enamel_plastic_9005_Chornaya

    Fast-drying acrylic enamel resistant to mechanic and weather exposure. Being rich in softeners, the enamel is extremely elastic. For exterior and interior use.

    Developed for painting and restoration of products made of different kinds of plastic: bumpers, moldings, decorative linings, mirror cases. Can be used for painting plastic furniture, gardening tools, vinyl fences and other plastic products. The range offers both smooth and rough coats.ƒ

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) is  1,5–2,0 м2 — 400 ml.
    • ƒDrying time 7-10 min at temperature+25ºС.
    • Attention! Painted surface must NOT be lacquered as the enamel is elastic!
    • ƒVolume 400 ml.



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