• NewTon_hightemperature_Chronaya

    High quality elastic enamel based on silicon organic resins. Short-term and long-term heating temperature depends on enamel color. For the black and the silver one the short-term heating temperature (up to 4 hours) — +600ºС, the long-term heating temperature — +400ºС. For the other colors the short-term heating temperature — +400ºС, the long term — 200 ºС. The enamel contains anti-corrosion components which protect the surface from rust. For exterior and interior use.

    Developed for painting surfaces exposed to high temperatures: ovens, boilers, fire-places, caldrons, radiators, supports, engines, exhaustion pipes, and industrial equipment.

    Caution! Primer coat must not be applied as it can not resist high temperatures. 

    Special features! The enamel gains its properties after the first heating to +180-200ºС within 15 min. Before this the enamel might peel off. 

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) is 1,2–2,0 м2
    • Drying time 7-10 min at temperature +25ºС.ƒ
    • Volume 400 ml.
    5/5 (1)

    0 1 2 3 4 5

Range of colors