• gruntplastik

    Transparent one-component acrylic primer. Provides high adhesion of finishing lacquers and paints to plastic surfaces. Being rich in softeners, the primer is extremely elastic. Fills in scratches and dents. The primed surface can be covered with any finishing NEW TON enamel, including those not specially developed for plastic.

    Developed for priming products made of different kinds of plastic, glass plastic, thermo-plastic, e.g. car bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, torpedoes, finishing molding materials, grates. Should not be used for metal, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polythene. For exterior and interior use. 

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) is  0,8-1,0 м2 — 150 ml,
      1,5–2,0 м2 — 400 ml.ƒ
    • Drying time 10-15 min at temperature+25ºС.
    • Attention! Before applying the primer prepare the surface: clean, polish with abrasive cloth, degrease with antistatic liquid for plastic. 
    • ƒVolume 150, 400 ml.


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Range of colors