• Universal agent for removing grease, oils, lubricants and resins from different surfaces. Due to an aerosol injector the agent can be applied in places that are hard to reach. The universal degreaser is especially efficient in cases when a regular way of degreasing can not be used. The agent is easy to use for unusually shaped surfaces. Applied on metal, plastic, timber, rubber, glass, leather, concrete. 

    Due to its unique properties the universal degreaser is widely used in household, industry and vehicle servicing.  

    • Easily degreases surfaces before applying primer, paint or glue.
    • Perfect for cleaning spare parts and tools.
    • Widely used for mending, making and restoration of leather, rubber and plastic products.
    • Significantly simplifies cleaning of electrical contacts, units and schemes.
    • Friendly to all kinds of paint surfaces. 
    • For exterior and interior use.
    • Volume 400 ml.

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