• NewTon_Univers_metallic_Zelenaya

    Fast-drying acrylic enamel rich in metalized pigment which creates an unusual “metallic” effect and emphasizes richness of the color. Makes a strong gloss coat, resistant to mechanic and weather exposure. Does not fade out in the sunlight and remains gloss. For exterior and interior use. 

    Used for fast and high quality painting of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, domestic appliances, home furnishings . Recommended for decoration, design, marking. Can be applied on metal, concrete, plasterboard, timber, glass, paper and other surfaces. Perfect for stencils. 

    • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness and color) is 1,5–1,8 m2.
    • Drying time 5-7 min at temperature +25ºС
    • Volume 400 ml. 


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Range of colors